We are a software agency that fills the technical gaps for startups, companies and government agencies.

Customized Software

We carefully listen to your requirements and leverage our expertise to plan user stories, workflows, and wireframes, resulting in a scalable solution, with the power of the cloud.

We treat every problem differently as we should and we build product based on your needs, not just from our perceptions. Communication is extremely important to us, and we work closely with our clients / partners to ensure the product serves its purpose and loved by the mass.,

  • UI / UX
  • Full stack development
  • System integration
  • Open source solutions
  • Data Visualization
  • Data management
  • Consultation
  • Technical help & support

Mobile Apps

A lot of people have groundbreaking ideas, but they need technical partners to bring their dreams to the hands of the people.

Whether it’s a native, cross platform, or hybrid solution, we enjoy every process in the lifecycle of mobile app development. From planning, architecturing, prototyping, designing, engineering, testing, staging releases and actual app publishing. 

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing happy users using the products of our happy clients / partners.

  • Lifestyle apps
  • Social media mobile apps
  • Utility mobile apps
  • Business apps
  • Education apps
  • Information apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Travel apps


Online presence is the key to most businesses, and we understand that. Responsive, beautiful, and performance are our key drives, but we always we are a big believer of content-first, design second. You’re the reason why users visit the website, and we help making them stay.

Our designs are completely unique and all hand-crafted by our strong design team. Although as a company we do not take on a whole lot of static website projects; but we still love to, every once in a while, to keep our juices flowing, while producing beautiful websites that people say ‘wow’.

  • E-commerce website
  • Business website
  • Entertainment website
  • Portfolio website
  • SME website
  • Media website
  • Nonprofit website
  • Educational website

How does building software work?


After we understand the requirements, we begin drafting possible solutions, and by the end of this phase, we know exactly what we need to do to ensure the project's success.


Most projects require user interfaces, where we focus on aesthetics and provide intuitive navigation for users to access functionalities in the simplest manner.


Where the actual engineering happens. Generally, 50% of the workload is in the development phase. Depending on the size of the project, we may break the effort into sprints / milestones.


Internal testing starts here and UAT comes afterwards. The project will now be deployed for your users, and we will provide a warranty period to support you. We will then move on to your next milestone or other projects.

We are open source ninjas and we love all things tech.
Never stop learning is one big factor that keeps us staying on top of the industry.